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Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Kitchen

Posted on February 23, 2023

Deep cleaning hardwood floors

Floors take pretty bad wear and tear, with constant foot traffic, spills, and scratches. Taking steps to protect your floor ahead of time definitely helps ease the stress when it comes to having to deep clean. By doing thesedaily small cleaning tasksyou save yourself from long term dirt, dust, and dander build up. 

It definitely helps to treat your hardwood floors before deep cleaning but you can start by sweeping the kitchen floor to pick up any crumbs and dirt left behind. Next pick out your favorite floor cleaner, if you don’t have a favorite check here to findthe best cleaners for your floors. If this is your first time cleaning, hardwood floors follow this step by stepguide to cleaning floors effectively.

Organize and clear up counter space

Large counter spaces have definitely been the trend for a while now. Keeping them clear and clean is probably the only not so fun side. Dorsey Homes gives you that spacious gorgeous kitchen you love so also want to give youtips for maintaining your kitchen over time

Start by clearing counters, organizing countertop appliances and washing dirty dishes. There’s plenty of options forcounter space organizationso don’t worry about losing your favorite mug. One of the best kitchen inventions is the dishwasher. You can save time and energy by utilizing your dishwasher!

Dust Dust Dust

You’d be surprised how much dust builds up in just a short amount of time. Dusting at least once or twice a week can help prevent dust build up. You’ll need a type of duster that can reach all the cracks and corners of your kitchen. Anotherplus side of dusting oftenis that it helps reduce allergic reactions. No more sniffling and sneezing around the house! 

Wipe down appliances

Your appliances probably get just about as much traffic as your floors. Wiping down appliances daily helps reduce the build of bacteria in areas that get constant hand traffic. Learnhow to cleanyour stainless steel appliances to keep them looking shiny and new. 

Clean out your refrigerator

Yes, condiments do expire. The first step for cleaning out your refrigerator is getting rid of expired and old food and drinks, they’re just a waste of perfectly useful space. 

Once the old food is gone it’s time to wipe down the shelves and drawers on your refrigerator. Get out all of those spills and smudges using a microfiber cloth, disinfectant wipes and your favorite surface cleaners. 

After getting rid of old food and giving your refrigerator a good wipe down it’s time to reorganize your items shelves and drawers. Here’s aguideon how to best organize your type refrigerator. 

Take out the trash

You’re almost done deep cleaning! Trash cans, as we can imagine, easily get dirty and smelly which makes them the target for unwanted guests. Yes, bugs. Emptying your trash regularly helps keep the house smelling fresh and the bugs far away! 

Take a breath! The hard work is over..for now. You should deep clean your kitchen at least once a month and remember a little goes a long way. Cleaning your kitchen daily will save you a load of stress when deep cleaning time comes around. Dorsey Family Homes is here to help from getting the house to keeping it clean.Contact ustoday to find your perfect kitchen! 

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