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Best New Home Features for Pets

Posted on August 05, 2022

Outdoor Dog Areas

For our furry friends that love the outdoors, an outdoor dog area might be a great addition to your new Dorsey Home.

First you’ll want to pick out a good space in your yard to fence off for your pet. A comfy corner or somewhere with shade is ideal. Next, get anoutdoor kenneloroutdoor home. You’ll want to place your pet’s favorite toy and/or blanket in the dog house so that it feels just like home. And for when your pet gets thirsty they’ll need awater bowlto quench their thirst. 

Feel free to personalize your pets outdoor space based on his or her personality! 

Food and Water Features

In a world of advancing technology you can now purchaseautomatic water fountains and pet feeders

Automatic pet feeders are great for owners with busy schedules. Time can go by so fast you don’t even realize it’s pet feeding time. No worries with the pet feeders, you can set the system to feed your pet on time everyday! One less thing to worry about. 

Pet Bathing Station

Most pet owners have experienced that play time can get a little chaotic, especially when it’s outside. We don’t want to keep our furry friends from enjoying some play time so it’s best to have apet bathing stationhandy for these times. 

Good news, you don’t have to sacrifice your bath at home anymore. You can now purchase pet baths and supplies to give your pet a good cleaning right at home. Pick out a place in your yard, garage or even a place inside your home as the designated pet bathing station.  

Pet Camera

I spy a playful pup! Technology is once again on our side with the invention ofpet cameras

Set up a camera in your pets playroom, or common areas where your pet likes to go so that you can keep eye on them when you’re away. There are a variety of pet cameras to choose from, some you can even talk to your pet through! 

Automatic Vacuum System 

Messy house? No problem.Automatic vacuum systemsare great for pet owners who deal with messy pets and shedding. 

Automatic vacuums come in various colors, shapes and sizes. With the press of a button your home can be cleaned while you sit back and relax.