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5 Ways to Tap into the Autumn Aesthetic

Posted on September 28, 2022

Pumpkins and Wreaths

What’s the fall season without pumpkins! Pumpkins make great Halloween decorations, they come in all shapes, sizes and colors. They’re also perfect for families to carve and even turn into a yummy pumpkin pie. 

Wreaths are a classic for pretty much any season and holiday. Making fall themed wreaths can also make for a fun arts and crafts day. Just grab a fewartificial leavesand follow thisWreath Making 101 guide.    


Candles are everything! This fall choose from avariety of scentsfrom sharp, frosty, fresh, woody or floral.  Everyone has a scent you’re drawn to and just can’t help but to get. Whatever your scent is will be perfect to bring your fall aesthetic. Visit yourlocal candlestore to find your signature fall scents. 

Lighting a candle once the sun goes down and cozying up with your blanket and a warm drink is the perfect way to end a fall night. 

Fall Colors

The temperature is getting lower and lower as the fall season has started. It’s time to pull out thefall blankets, get cozy and watch your favorite fall tv show. 

You’ll also need some decorative fall pillows to give your living space the accent that it needs. If you need some inspiration or are not sure where to start you can learn how to decorate using fall colorshere


Lights have the ability to make a room super warm and comfortable. Add some fall hanging lights to your living areas for a warm vibe. Grab somelight clipsand pick out your favoriteFestive Fall Lights.  

Decorating Outside 

Your home can feel cozy on the inside and the outside. You want your guest to feel like they’re getting a warm welcome before even coming into the house. 

Adding some pumpkins, DIY wreath and some festival lanterns will surely give your home that fall aesthetic outside.