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5 Ways to Start the School Year Off Right

Posted on September 07, 2022

The time for back to school has come! Educators have been preparing for their students return, let’s make sure our students are ready to learn. Follow these tips from the Dorsey Family Homes team to give your family a brilliant start to the school year!

Get Your School’s Supply List

Depending on your child’s classroom and grade level, certain items may be required to have a successful semester. Make sure you have every tool and resource your mini-me’s teacher recommends.

TeacherLists makes school supply shopping easy for parents! By entering your state and zip code, you can quickly find your school, select the right grade, and get the list of items recommended by the teacher. Print the list, hit the store (or the keyboard), and check everything off your shopping list.

Helpful Technology

Instead of buying notebooks this year, you’re probably shopping for laptops. 

Many stores are putting the best student laptops on sale for September. Be sure to invest in one that will last for school years to come.

Also make sure you have a stable internet connection so that your kiddos can do their homework without interruption. If your child will be watching many of their classes online you may need to upgrade for faster internet access and buy a suitable pair of noise-canceling headphones.

Create a “Classroom” at home

Even though in-person learning has returned, the classes may be limited or have odd schedules. Make sure your home has a quiet area that’s setup for your child to focus.

Interruptions can make staying on task a challenge. A dedicated room or secluded corner will prevent household interruptions while your student is studying. 

Light music or classical music has proven to help with focus. Avoid bright distracting posters and loud music and surroundings. Blue, green and other low wavelength colors help promote restfulness, calmness and concentration. 

Have a great school year! 

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