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If you’re looking to live in Howard County and Elkridge is one of the locations you’re considering, we think you’ll enjoy our “Welcome to Elkridge” series. We put together the information you’re looking for when considering a new home and made sure to cover all the bases.

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5 Restaurants in Elkridge You Need to Visit

Finding a great restaurant can be a challenging task. You have several criteria that must satisfy your needs including: Menu, Quality, Price, Location, Service, Atmosphere, Hours…see, we told you it’s more complicated than you thought!

Fun Things to Do Near Elkridge, MD

Loving where you live is one of those things in life you don’t want to settle for less. Having a diverse selection of fun things to do that are conveniently located near your home is a huge perk! Whether you just moved to a new community you’ve lived there for years…often times, there are hidden gems that only locals are privy to. And sometimes it just takes getting out and driving around to discover your new favorite place.

5 Jobs in Elkridge, MD from Companies that are Hiring

Looking for work is a full time job. You want to find the right fit and that takes time. A job can be more than just a paycheck. It can be a career that you’re passionate about and brings you fulfillment at the end of the day. Factors for consideration are pay, benefits, opportunity, industry (is this something you’re skilled to do – education/requirements – or a career change), and location.

Great Schools Near Elkridge Maryland

Moving to a new area involves many decisions, but if you have kids…education is high on the list. If you live in Howard County or are moving to or near Elkridge, we’ve compiled a list of locals schools to help make the decision making process easier. We’ve combined all the basics helping to give insight to both public and private schools from 3 of the most trusted school grading sites.

Still want more information about Elkridge? Check out the Wikipedia page. You can also visit the AreaVibes page for more details. You can also read about one of our satisfied customers here in this Baltimore Sun article discussing Sunrooms. Thank you for taking the time to visit our site and learn more about great places to live in Howard County, Maryland!