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Living in Ellicott City

Published: August 8, 2015

If you are searching for a new home in Howard County, consider Ellicott City and check out our “Welcome to Ellicott City” series.

Ellicott City: Location, Location, Location

Located in the Baltimore-Washington corridor in central Maryland, Ellicott City offers a historic, small town feel close to big city conveniences. Ellicott City has been named to  MONEY Magazine’s Best Places to Live four times in the last 10 years, ranking at number 6 last year. There are great jobs nearby, several schools ranked in Newsweek’s list of America’s Top High Schools, and plenty of green space helping to land it on the list of the Top 10 Places for Dog Lovers by U.S. News and World Report.

Historic Ellicott City

Ellicott City has a rich history, and much of its history is still displayed today around Ellicott City’s Historic Main Street. Some of the most popular historic sites include the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Museum: Ellicott City Station, the oldest surviving railroad station in America; Thomas Isaac Log Cabin, built around 1780 by one of the first settlers of Ellicott Mills and restored as a historic visitor’s center; and the Patapsco Female Institute, a former girls’ boarding school, now a historical park.

Ellicott City: Main Street USA

Main Street offers an eclectic mix of unique restaurants and quirky shops, including pubs, coffee shops, antique stores and toy shops. There are also several recurring events on Main Street including First Fridays, Girl’s Night Out, and the Main Street Music Festival which will be in its fifth year on September 26.

Haunted Ellicott City

Named to Trip Advisor’s Top 10 Spooky American Getaways, Ellicott City is claimed to be one of the country’s most haunted small towns. Visit spooky sites, such as historic mansions claimed to be haunted by their old residents, pubs on Main Street whose guests have heard strange noises and more.

Thanks for taking the time to learn about why Ellicott City is such a great place to live! For more information about our available homes in Ellicott City, check out Scarborough Estates and Carver Estates.

Historic Ellicott City

Published: July 13, 2015

Ellicott City is a town that is proud of its rich history. After searching for an area where they could grow wheat and harness water power for a mill, brothers John, Andrew and Joseph Ellicott founded Ellicott Mills in 1772. In 1867, a city charter was secured and the name was changed to Ellicott City. Take a stroll down historic Ellicott City Main Street and the surrounding areas, and you will see many remnants from the past.

Here is a list of just some of the historic sites in Ellicott City:

Ellicott_City_Station_1970 (1)

Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Museum: Ellicott City Station

Ellicott City Station was completed by the B&O Railroad in 1830, and is the oldest surviving railroad station in America. It is now a national historical landmark. The train station was restored as a museum and today living historians tell the story of the development of the railroad and its impact on Ellicott City.

Thomas Isaac Log Cabin

This cabin was built around 1780 by one of the first settlers of Ellicott Mills. It was reconstructed in the late 20th century as a historical spot where visitors can learn about the settlement of development of the region from authentically costumed historians.

Heritage Orientation Center

Located behind Thomas Isaac Log Cabin in the city’s first courthouse, the orientation center has exhibits and information about the floods and fires of Ellicott Mills, 18th and 19th century milling techniques and the Ellicott family.

Ellicott City Firehouse Museum

This museum is located in the county’s first firehouse constructed in 1889. Now a museum, the firehouse displays fire apparatus, model toys, and a visual history of Howard County’s Volunteer Fire Department.

Ellicott City Colored School

The one-room schoolhouse was built in 1880 as the first public school for black children in Howard County, and was used as a school until the early 1950’s. It was restored in 1995 and now houses a  genealogical resource center and a museum chronicling the history of African Americans in Howard County.

Patapsco_Female_Institute,_Church_Road,_Berg_Alnwick,_Ellicott_City_(Howard_County,_Maryland) (1)

Patapsco Female Institute Historic Park

The Patapsco Female Institute was founded in 1837 as a boarding school for girls. Now, the stabilized ruins are open for tours and serve as a setting for special events including weddings, receptions, camps, and open-air theatre.

Whether it is your first time here, or you have had a home in Ellicott City for years, there is always more to explore about the town’s past and rich historical presence. Click here for more information and visiting hours for each of these historic sites.

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